When we moved in together, Tom refused to let me bring any of my furniture to our new home as he said it was all cheap shit. It wasn’t. He said we’d get all new stuff even though it would cost us money we didn’t have. Several months later, we still have no dining table so today I went out to look for one. I found a really lovely table which came with a matching dresser and coffee table and it was massively reduced in the sale. I rang him to tell him and to ask his opinion, foolishly thinking he’d see how much of a great buy it was. Instead, he said, “Look, you need to think about this. You always make rash decisions that turn out to be the wrong ones and then you regret it. You always buy cheap shit that looks awful and doesn’t last.” And then my sister, Sasha, who was with me said something which Tom heard so he said, “Is that Sasha?” I told him that it was and he said, “What does Sasha think of the furniture? If she likes it then you can buy it because she’s got good taste and won’t buy crap like you will.”

Every word he says to me lately is a put-down. He never has anything good to say about me but is quick enough to rub into my face how great he thinks everyone else is. I don’t understand why he does this? I thought he loved me.

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