What’s Mine Is . . .

Tom and I don’t have a joint bank account. He doesn’t want one, instead, he gives me money for food. Until recently, he was just giving £10 or £20 each day to get food for dinner but when I said I wanted to be able to do a weekly shop, he agreed to put a monthly amount into my account instead. Tom has decided that £150 per month is enough to feed six of us for a month and when I told him that it isn’t, he got angry with me and said all I want him for is his money which just couldn’t be further from the truth.

He earns £75,000 per year so I’m sure it wouldn’t cripple him to give me a little more to be able to feed everyone, I never ask him for money for anything else.

Since we moved in together, the kids and I have gone without anything other than food and a roof over our heads while Tom spends money on alcohol, weekends away, new clothes, eating out and vinyl as often as he wants, always just for him.

Today, he was saying that we’re skint and he can’t give me more. I asked to look at the bank accounts and he refused, getting angry with me for being nosy and intruding in his personal affairs. I thought we were meant to be a team in all areas. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be, at least not in my mind.

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