Josh has Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and Tourette’s Syndrome and school has always been a huge challenge for him. He attended mainstream school until he was twelve but then had to move to a school for children with behavioural issues where he worked hard and thrived but still it always remained a challenge so when his GCSE results came in today, I was just feeling proud that he’d managed to even sit them, regardless of the results.

Josh passed most of his exams but all below a C which is absolutely fine by me – I’ve always held the belief that you can achieve anything you want in life with hard work, dedication and passion rather than exam results but Tom looked at his exams, looked angry and said, “They’re shit.” I stopped him and said that when you take everything into account that Josh has been up against, they’re actually quite good but Tom just replied, “You’re so fucking thick. No matter what way you look at it, they’re shit and he’s as thick as you are.” He then started on a rant that he’s been on before about how Josh doesn’t even have anything wrong with him, that the diagnosis (by a professional) was wrong and how he’s just a little shit. He then talked about his nephew who has Attention Deficit Disorder (without the hyperactivity), how great he is and how he’ll do anything to help him. He’s such a bastard.

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