It’ll be Tom’s 40th birthday in a couple of months. I’ve decided to throw him a surprise party to celebrate but also to show him how much he means to me, in the hopes that he will want our relationship to work and will love me back in return. Loads of his friends and family, some that he rarely gets a chance to see, are travelling down to celebrate with him and it should be a really good weekend.

Things with Tom have been slipping a little bit again over the last week, the arguing seems to be escalating once more but I’m hoping that by the time Tom walks into his party he’ll realise just how much I love him and how much I’m prepared to do to make him happy. Now all I have to do is keep this secret from him for the next few months and try and keep things on an even keel between us. If we can just get back to how we were recently, everything will be good.

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