Tom took the kids and I out for lunch today. While there, for no reason that I could find, he started ranting about people in this country all being stupid, especially me, and that his country and everyone who lives there is much better in every way. I said if it was so great, why doesn’t he move back there then? He said he couldn’t because I’d trapped him by pushing him into a relationship and now he was stuck here. And yet, my memory of the beginning of our relationship is of him chasing me and him suggesting we take it to the next level and move in together and it was definitely him that started the talk about us having a baby. In fact, when a baby hadn’t happened after nine months of trying and I suggested taking a break, he was the one that said that if I didn’t give him a baby, he would leave me. I take a lot of shit from him but I’m not taking the blame for the decisions he made.

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