Tom came home from his skiing holiday yesterday. I went to pick him up at the airport but when I saw him my heart sank. I suddenly realised what a lovely stress-free week the kids and I have had and how it would all change again now. He appeared at the airport entrance sun-burned and tired. Once home, he promptly laid on the sofa and went straight to sleep. It must be so exhausting doing nothing but eat, drink, sleep and ski with friends and family for a week as opposed to looking after four children on your own.

Today was Mother’s Day. The older girls came in to wake me up with breakfast and flowers they’d picked from the garden. Alice later got upset and told me she was sorry she hadn’t got me anything else but that Tom wouldn’t give her any money to get me a gift. He spent most of the day either in bed or sleeping on the sofa as he was tired from his week away. I cooked the Mother’s Day dinner as he was just far too exhausted but he wasn’t too tired to go to the pub tonight, he said he’d missed it and couldn’t wait to get out and have a drink to unwind. Bastard.

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