Tonight, Josh came home from his Dad’s, handed me a piece of paper and told me he’s changed his name to his Dad, Danny’s surname. All with Danny’s help and permission but without either one of them discussing this with me first.

I was so shocked that I reacted badly. Danny wanted nothing to do with Josh for years, I feel really hurt and betrayed and as though our relationship means nothing. If he’d spoken to me about this weeks ago, when he started the process, I may not have reacted so badly but to just have it thrown at me after it’s all done is so hurtful.

Because of my reaction Josh got angry, Tom got pissed off and told him to leave home, Josh had a row with Danny over the phone, stormed out of the house but then came back apologising for his reaction.

This came so out of the blue. I feel utterly betrayed by Josh but mostly by Danny who should have had the decency and respect to speak to me about this especially as I’m the one that’s raised Josh all these years when Danny didn’t even bother to see him let alone parent him, and as for Tom and his complete lack of support, not just now but at all times, it’s all getting too much.

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