Laughed At

Tom and I have barely spoken all week other than for him to call me lazy. He always fails to notice how much I do. Actually, he fails to notice that I do anything, insisting that all I do is “sit on my arse all day long.”

Despite me telling him that I think he’s acting selfishly on a daily basis and him denying it, he’s still gone out for his lunch every day this week leaving Annie and I at home to have a sandwich or pasta. He’s had two months off work because he fancied a break and has been out for lunch every single day apart from three days, only once has he asked us if we’d like to join him. He literally laughed in my face the other day when I tried telling him how I felt and he told me to stop overdoing it and get some acting lessons. I can’t take this anymore. His refusal to listen to me or even talk to me is ridiculous, childish and selfish.

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