I got called a bitch by my sister, Sasha today and I have to agree with her. She was talking about how people change and she said that I’ve changed loads over the last couple of years, that I’ve gone from being really fun, outgoing, easygoing, funny, not caring what anyone thought, confident, caring and compassionate to someone who is stressed, really lacking in confidence, and sometimes bitchy. I’ve known for ages that I haven’t felt or acted the same as I used to but I could never put a word to it but I can now see that bitchy definitely sums me up.

She wasn’t being nasty, in fact, she’s phoned me three times since to make sure I’m not upset or offended by her remarks and that she was just trying to get me to see the difference from then to now. I’ve no idea how to get the old me back though. I think it is partly to do with my lack of confidence and partly because I feel quite angry and stressed a lot of the time so I take it out on others. I really don’t like the new me at all.

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