Good Neighbours

Tom is away for five days at a family wedding and I’m at home alone with the kids. My neighbour, Jade  popped around earlier with a bottle of vodka and a DVD for me to watch, stayed for one drink and then insisted that I drink as much of the vodka as I want and keep the rest for tomorrow night. A good friend is exactly what I need right now. I’m really struggling with Tom going away. He has so many nights out, weekends and holidays on his own and just leaves me and the kids at home. The loneliness is really getting to me lately so having such a great friend means everything to me. While this is a genuine act of kindness from Jade, I also think she feels sorry for me somewhat. She’s told me a few times that she’s heard Tom shouting and screaming at me when she’s sat in her living room and she’s made a point of asking if I’m okay. It’s nice knowing that she’s looking out for me.

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