Dream – The Shit on My Face

Six years ago, I became really interested in personal growth, spirituality and alternative lifestyles and ways of healing. One of the areas that I explored and really indulged in on quite a deep level was dream interpretation. I read book after book on the subject, I started to record every dream that I had and then I tried to interpret their meanings. When I moved in with Tom, I stopped. Not only the dream work that interested me so much but also my personal growth and everything else that interested me before. But last night, I had a dream that was so simple to decipher and it’s awakened in me the love that I used to have for working out my dreams’ meanings. Last night’s dream was that I was sat in a chair with a door ahead of me. Tom was slightly in front on the right sitting on a toilet. Once he’d finished, he wiped his shit on my face.

Its meaning is so obvious. I’m being passive in this situation with Tom and because of my passivity and my lack of action Tom is literally able to put all of his ‘shit’ onto me. Shit, in this respect, being his stuff, the stuff he hasn’t dealt with that he’s projecting on to me. The anger, hatred and spite. Worse than that, not only am I being passive, I’m also sat watching him, almost like I’m just waiting for it. It’s very clear to me now.

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