Tom shocked me and said he would do the Christmas food shop. I used the opportunity to spend some quality time with the kids by taking them to the beach for a couple of hours. It was so cold but so nice to spend time together.

I came back to find the cupboards as I left them, the fridge looking rather empty apart from a large chicken, sprouts and carrots and the freezer partially filled with peas, frozen chips, ice cream, ice cubes but nothing else. I asked Tom when he’s doing the shopping. . .

he’s done it!

I told him yesterday, that I had to do my normal weekly shop and the Christmas food shop too. He’s bought less than I do on just the weekly shop. He’s got some of the food we need for Christmas day, plenty of beer for him and one small box of chocolates for 6 of us but absolutely nothing for us to eat any other day. I’ve just had to go to the co-op and grab a pizza for tonight’s tea and will have to brave the shops tomorrow morning, on Christmas eve. I knew I should have just done it myself.

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