Not A Merry Christmas

Christmas was a complete disaster this year. It started off when all of my family – sisters, parents, nieces and nephews all got together for a big Christmas meal together a few days before. Tom came and then spent the entire time being moody, making disapproving comments, snapping at me and afterwards, slagging off almost every member of my family. He then spent Christmas day complaining about what I’d bought for the children, saying they should have only had one small present each and that the only reason I got them more than that is because of my guilt. He wouldn’t tell me what it was I had to feel guilty over though. When that rant abated, he then started on the next one of how his Christmas was ruined because he had to spend it in this country with us instead of being back home with his family. He said he had to get out of the house because if he stayed in with us, he’d go mad and then instead of doing that, he just sat and drank the whole day, expected me to do the same and went mad when I refused. Happy bloody Christmas.

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