My sisters, Izzy and Sasha, popped around today. When they left, they did something that really upset me. I stood outside on the doorstep and Sasha said in a loud voice, “Look at the state of your eyebrows, when did you last have them plucked? They look a right mess.” I was really embarrassed, my neighbour was in her driveway and looked over and I’m very conscious of the fact that I look a state but I didn’t need it pointing out to me. Then once they were across the road, Izzy called across to me to turn around and then shouted, “When’s it due?” She laughed and started talking about how big I’ve got and how fat I looked until I couldn’t hear it anymore and I shut the door.

All of the kids heard and were shocked and said they couldn’t believe they’d both been so nasty to me. I went upstairs and cried. It’s bad enough that I get comments similar to that from Tom all of the time but now from my sisters too. Am I really that bad? If my sisters and my boyfriend are all saying the same thing, it must be true. I must be disgusting.

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