A Confusing Surprise

It’s been such a long time since Tom and I had a good day together, all we’ve done for months and months is argue, my resentment towards him builds more and more each day but the other day he really surprised and confused me.

Out of nowhere, he bought me a new camera, a really good camera. I’m taking photographs more and more often and am teaching myself to try and take better pictures but this is so confusing because almost every time I pick up my camera, he complains and says we can’t do anything without me showing off with my camera and embarrassing him.

Today, I went out and took a few shots, to experiment. What Tom doesn’t realise is that despite my confusion, this one kind act, not the buying of things but the thinking of me, restores all of my faith in him once more and gives me hope that we can still work this out, even if we have been going in completely different directions for the past year.

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