Sacred Words

We’re in the middle of decorating the living room at the moment. We have an ugly 1960s gas fire that we can’t afford to change so I decided to sand it down and paint it. This afternoon, I was sat out in the garden sanding when I looked up and caught Tom watching me. When I turned off the sander he said, “I love you.

I almost cried on the spot. This is the first time in so long, years, that Tom has told me that he loves me. I don’t know why he suddenly felt it at that moment as he wouldn’t elaborate but my heart melted upon hearing it. I’ve waited so long to hear him say those words to me, maybe there is hope for us after all. I feel happier tonight than I have done in many many months, purely because of Tom’s words. I’m really hoping that this can mean a change for us. I love him so much.

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