Tom has put the house he lived in before we moved in here together, up for sale. He walked in, told me he’d had an offer, I asked how much and he said, ‘Why? What does it matter?’ I said surely, as a couple that lives as husband and wife, we should talk about how much and all the other implications and he said, “Why does it have to be the first thing you ask?

Obviously, he thinks I’ve stuck around for two incredibly hard, shitty years just for the money. I’ve not had a full nights sleep for thirty-three months because of either being pregnant and kicked by Annie or from her keeping me awake every single night as she’s still in our room. I have begged him to sell that house for three years so that we can build an extension, give Annie her own room and me some sleep. Long bloody years when every time she has disturbed him I’ve taken her downstairs so he can sleep. Finally he agrees to put it on the market then he won’t even tell me how much they offered because it shouldn’t have been the first question to ask and almost five hours after telling me he’s had an offer I still don’t know anything else.

It makes me feel extremely unimportant in our relationship. I don’t care about the money, per se, but I do care about our future and whether selling the house could benefit us as a couple in some way. Does that make me greedy or just a fool?

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