Halloween Shocker

Tom has really thrown me yet again. He rarely joins in with anything the kids and I do, in fact, I can’t remember the last time he did something with us but today when I told him the kids had been invited to a Halloween party at Sasha’s he said he wanted to come.

Not only did he join us but he even dressed up too. This is the man that hates dressing up. We all went along, Tom was in a great mood, was fun to be around and we ended up having a really lovely evening, especially as he even agreed to come trick or treating with us. I never thought I’d see that day.

The thing is, I can no longer take the pleasure from it that I might have done just a few months ago because as much as I loved spending time with him, the happy him, I can’t help thinking that he’ll revert back soon enough, as he has so many times before.

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