Snowball Fight

It snowed really heavily last night and was still snowing this morning when we awoke. The girls stayed off school, Josh and Tom stayed home from work and we all played out in the snow. My neighbour, Jade, came around in the afternoon and we all built snowmen in the garden but then Tom started making snowballs and throwing them at me. He didn’t throw them gently, they all seemed to be thrown with the intention of hurting me and they did, very much.

Later, when Tom had gone back indoors, Jade mentioned it. She asked if I was okay and she said she’d been watching Tom’s face and every time he threw one at me, she said that he looked so angry and as if his intention was definitely to inflict pain. He might not have actually hit me with his fists or hands yet but I’m sure now that he’s getting close. His anger is reaching fever pitch so while I try my hardest to get us out of here, I’m just going to have to work equally hard not to annoy him so that it doesn’t become more violent. I already know what he’s capable of after he assaulted Josh. I should have gone then. For Josh’s sake. For the sake of all of us.

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