He came over today, as usual. At lunchtime, he asked if I had ham and chips. He said maybe he’d have that for lunch. That really pissed me off. I told him he could at least ask. He got in a mood, went off to the chip shop instead, then sat with his head in his hands either crying or tired. I don’t know which, and I don’t much care either.

Eventually, he went home, barely speaking to any of us. He’s going to have to start seeing Annie round at his house, I hate all this crap of us pretending we get on well enough to be friends. We don’t and I don’t want to either.

Alice, Annie and I went to Ikea to buy a bookcase. I found the bookcase I wanted and a gorgeous, soft, pink blanket. I’m going to turn this house into a real me home, once I’ve worked out what that is. Apart from colour, I don’t actually know yet but to finally have choices and a say in things is priceless.

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