Choosing Death

I received the devastating news tonight that my very dear friend, Jeanie, has attempted to take her life. She is in intensive care. The doctors are currently battling to keep her alive.

I am in deep shock. Why didn’t I see this coming? She is the last person I ever would have thought would do this. I don’t understand it, not one bit.

I know now that my decision to sign over my life to keep Tom alive is the right one. I’ll admit I feel as though I’m selling my soul to the devil but better that than the alternative.

This was a warning. I know it. Jeanie’s suicide attempt was by hanging from her loft. That is too much for me to take. First Tom says he’s going to end his life that way and now Jeanie has tried exactly that.

Tonight, I’m pleading with the Universe for Jeanie to come through this so we can all tell her how loved she is, how much she means to us and why she should choose life over death. I’m praying for Tom, I’m praying for us and I’m praying that I’ll have the strength to live my life with this man that I know is not going to treat me the way I want to be treated, but it’s a small price to pay. I can’t let him do what my wonderful friend has tried to do. I just can’t.

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