Moving On

Five months have passed since I last saw Craig. The last time we met up, we almost had sex but Craig felt it would be disrespectful for us to have sex and then for him to leave. We were going to arrange another date to meet up but then my world turned upside down when Tom announced that he was suicidal, my friend Jeanie actually did commit suicide which fucked me up for a few months and the last few months have been spent battling anxiety and depression so Craig, and sex, got put on the back burner. Until now.

We got back in touch a few days ago and agreed that if we didn’t do something about this now then we probably never would so we arranged to meet last night for dinner, drinks and dessert. We booked into a hotel for the night so that we wouldn’t be disturbed.

We met at the hotel and took our bags up to our room before heading out for dinner. We sat opposite each other, pretending we were in some kind of sexy food scene in a movie, eating our food erotically although we were both a bit pissed so I doubt it was that sexy. We flirted, we touched and played with each other’s hands and fingers, we drank far too vodka and then we moved on to a club where we drank some more and moved seductively on the dance floor until I couldn’t take it anymore and said we should head back to the hotel. Thankfully, our hotel was only a five-minute walk away.

We got in the lift and I pounced. I couldn’t keep my hands off him any longer. I said, “Just fuck me right now here in the lift.” He refused. We tumbled out of the lift and just about made it to our room fully clothed. That all changed very quickly. I dragged him onto the bed where we kissed and undressed each other simultaneously. It was frantic and dirty and absolutely no foreplay was needed or wanted. We went straight for the main course and, fuck me, was it worth waiting for. He fucked me for a while before stopping to lick every single inch of me and then he fucked me all over again. A thunderstorm started pretty much overhead which just added to the tension and excitement. Craig got up to open the curtains so that the lightening could light up the room and I only worried for 2.1 seconds about the man in the hotel window opposite us who could see right into our room. Craig came back to the bed and he fucked me so hard that I was hanging off the bed. Eventually, we both ended up on the floor like animals, gaining carpet burns and sore knees as souvenirs. It was exactly what I needed after years of rejection from Tom.

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