Family Loyalty

While Tom was around collecting Annie, his phone rang. His happy tone of voice as he spoke piqued my interest. I worked out it was either my sister, Millie or her husband, Andy on the phone. When he got off he was like an excited little schoolboy. Millie and Andy have invited him and Annie over for Sunday lunch tomorrow. My heart sank.

Every since Tom and I have split up Millie and Andy have been spending more and more time with Tom, with and without Annie. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem but they both know a lot of what he put me through and how he assaulted Josh and yet they continue to treat him like their best friend. It makes me feel as though they don’t believe me because if it were the other way around, if a man had abused one of my sisters the way he did me, I would have nothing more to do with him, nothing. Instead they actually see more of him than they do me.

I suppose what hurts more is since Tom and I split up Millie and Andy haven’t once asked me over to theirs and they never would invite me over for dinner, not in a million years. In fact, they barely have anything to do with me unless they want something. I guess there’s no such thing as family loyalty.

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