In My Head

It was my nephew’s 18th birthday today. He just wanted close family to join him for a meal so we all went to a local restaurant for the evening. Tom was invited too. He drove behind me all the way and then when we arrived at the restaurant he told me that my driving was terrible, that I was putting Annie’s life in danger and that he didn’t want me driving on motorways with her anymore. He then spent the entire meal having a go at me about it, or about the way I was ‘behaving’, and moaning at me for taking so many photos and ‘showing off’ with my camera. He totally ruined my evening. My evening of celebrating my nephew’s birthday. 

I’m sick and tired of him still being invited to family events. Before I left him one of the biggest fears I had was that people wouldn’t believe me if I told them about how abusive he was because he’s a totally different person in front of everyone else. Everyone thinks he’s this amazingly happy, kind, loving, funny, good person, it was only ever with me and the kids that he was controlling and abusive. It would seem my fears have come true. No-one did believe me because if they did, they wouldn’t still have him in their lives like this. 

Maybe it was me after all?

Maybe it is all in my head just like he said it was and that’s why it’s not visible to anyone else?

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