Nothing Changes

It’s my 38th birthday today, in the afternoon Tom rang, he’s been visiting his family for the last few days. He rang to see if I would be picking him up from the train station. He never said happy birthday, just enquired about getting home. I didn’t feel as if I could say no to him so in the evening, I drove to the station to collect him. I didn’t stop the car where he wanted me to which meant he got in the car in a foul mood and had a go at me straight away. We then drove to mine so he could spend some time with Annie before leaving without so much as a thank you for picking him up or a happy birthday.

At about 10pm he texted me to say Happy Birthday, I asked if he’d forgot about until then and he said he hadn’t. Somehow he thinks that makes it better. In fact, him not forgetting and just not saying anything makes it hundred times worse.

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