There Once Was An Ugly Duckling

While talking to my Mum on the phone this morning she said she’d realised something in the early hours of this morning… That the three significant relationships I’d had in my life, their surname initials spelt out BAD.

I wouldn’t say that any of the three had been bad people, but each one had been bad for me in some way or another. None of the relationships brought me long-term happiness,  but they’ve all given me a lot of lesson learning, for which I am actually very grateful.

I said to Mum that if I ever bother to embark on a relationship again it will be about redressing the balance, therefore, I’m only going to date a man that has Good as part of his surname. (I wasn’t serious.)

Getting in my car this afternoon, I turned on the radio and ‘I’m your man’ blared out at me: ‘Call me good, call me bad, call me anything you want to baby.’ Coincidental? Either way, it made me laugh. Man or no man, it’s time to turn this life of mine from that of an ugly duckling to one of a graceful swan. Somehow.

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