Yesterday, my friend, Karen posted a status on her Facebook wall about her new haircut. I left a funny comment and a couple of her friends replied. After taking Annie to Tom’s, I came home to a private message from one of her friends that had responded earlier. His name is Phil. We began a conversation that went on through the night until 5am today. I don’t know much about Phil but what I do know, I like. We both share a love of history, he has a huge passion for music; he writes beautifully and poetically and I’m looking forward to talking to him again.

I’m not putting anything on this, he’s a person I’ve really enjoyed talking to and for now that’s enough, but there definitely is an attraction of some kind, maybe not physical as when he showed me his photograph I didn’t think he was my type, but a friendship with someone that I could have lots of talk about with, would be good.

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