Lessons In Love

I knew the next lesson wouldn’t take long to come my way. I feel like I’m on an accelerated path of major learning, really since the end of the year.

Four days ago, Phil walked into my life very unexpectedly and has already had a profound effect on me. There is a deep connection that I can neither explain nor make any sense of right now. It feels overwhelming and yet it feels as though it’s the most natural thing in the world to talk to this man so openly and unashamedly, whether that be via email, text or on the phone.

I don’t have the animalistic drive to see him right this second that I had with Tom, thankfully. I have a very calm comfortable longing to get to know everything about him, for him to know about me and to just share ourselves. I am quite freaked out by this. I’ve never known anything like this. It almost feels as though I know him and I want to know if his life has run concurrently to mine, if our paths ever nearly crossed or if his world has been totally different to mine.

It feels as though everything I have done up to this point in my life, all my experiences, good and bad, all took place to lead me to this. To meeting Phil. I can’t explain that, I just feel it. I have a knowing inside me that it is safe for me to be intimate with Phil in a way that I never have with anyone else, to allow him to not only feel my heart but to actually see my soul.

I am so thankful to the Universe for bringing this next lesson forward so soon. This is going to be a true lesson of love, real true honest, soul love.

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