Higher Self

I woke this morning feeling pretty awful, not ill or tired, just a profound need to be alone and retreat back into my little world with nobody disturbing me. I took Annie to school, avoided making eye contact with anyone as I didn’t want to talk, got in my car and started driving. I was feeling seriously shit at this point and I told myself I needed to be alone, needed to get in my bed and hibernate for the day and then I asked myself, ‘What do I need?’ and something amazing happened which astounded me. I heard a voice in my head, loud and clear. It sounded like my voice but it wasn’t coming from me and it very clearly and concisely answered me. ‘You need to eat.’ That was it. So simple. I went to the shop, got myself a load of food, went home, climbed into bed and ate. Within half an hour I felt back to normal. The need to be alone had lifted considerably and I was amazed at how listening had really helped me.

This has never happened before, a voice that cut through all the mental crap and told me what I needed. I realised it was my Higher Self, my intuition. I’d finally connected with it at the time I least expected to and when I definitely wasn’t trying.

Now of course I want to hear it again and because I’m trying so hard, instead of allowing it to flow, it’s not happening, but the liberating thing is, I know that I can. I always knew it, I’ve done it before but only during deep meditations but this time I was awake and alert and the voice, while in my head, seemed very separate from me. This is me really connecting to my truth, to the core of me, my soul. I’m starting to really find my truth, the quest that I started many months ago. I’m getting there.

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