Man Child

Man Child

Phil came round to mine tonight and I saw a side of him that I really don’t like. He’s pulled a muscle really badly in his back. He did this by driving around a large bend at 75mph and getting slammed into the door of his car, totally reckless behaviour. That’s not the worst of it though. To help with the pain he brought with him a cocktail of drugs, some that were prescribed for one of his friends after a serious operation which, not only are probably too strong for him but also potentially dangerous when mixed with other drugs. Rather than go to the doctor, Phil just added the friend’s pills to whatever he found indoors and kept popping them in his mouth whenever he felt like it, far more often than he should have done. This resulted in his asthma playing up badly and knocking him out for almost the entire time we were together.

The lack of self-love and respect for himself and his body is a huge turn off for me. It shows such a level of immaturity and irresponsibility and has totally marred my feelings for him. Couple all of that with the fact that he takes no care of his body on a daily basis anyway by allowing his weight to get up to and remain in the morbidly obese category, I’m starting to see a complete lack of love and care for himself. That bothers me so much as well as the bloody Star Wars trainers he turned up in, I’m starting to wonder if I’m dating a child.

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