I often notice how events in my life tie in together, even though they may appear to be very different at first glance. I thought I’d email my friend, Christina this morning and see how she is after a recent confession that she ‘knows’ she is going to die but before emailing her I did some research into stress, anxiety and depression being related to thoughts of dying and as I thought, they are linked. I discovered a post by a woman from four years ago who had a fear of dying and that it had got even worse after watching a Derren Brown program where he ‘proved’ that there was no such thing as life after death and mediumship. Sadly this woman couldn’t see that all he was doing was trying to get people to see his truth and making lots of money from it too.

I emailed Christina and then I checked a blog I read where the latest article struck me about finding our own truth again. The author told how as a child she went to church and listened to the preacher instilling fear into the congregation, basically trying to instil his beliefs onto the congregation. Isn’t the world wrong that we all do that?

I realised I’m just as guilty, although when I am in a higher state of awareness, feeling content and centered, I don’t do this so much. I realised that I’m starting to do this with Phil and in doing so, I’m starting to show him less respect and that is not something I want to do.

I have shown disapproval about his driving, the speed of it but really this is his choice and his truth is that he loves it, and he feels exhilarated doing it. Who am I to try and control that because it doesn’t fit in with my truth? My truth being that it’s not safe, he might crash, he could die, he could kill someone else. Is this even my truth or just my fears coming into play? Because in actual fact, he could drive fast every day for the rest of his life and be fine and every day that exhilaration could fire up his soul and ensure he has a good day and if not, at least he has it to look forward to at the end of the day. Who am I to try and take that away from him just because it doesn’t fit into my truth of a situation. He’s said he will never drive that way when I’m with him, so he’s already making a very fair compromise and one that I didn’t have to ask him to make. Is this what finding my truth is about too? Learning how to allow others to find and live their truth and then learning to respect that truth even if it doesn’t fit in with mine?

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