House Hunting Success

I’ve spent the last week or so looking around at houses but it’s not been the easiest job. Dad originally gave me a figure of what he wants to spend on a property but as the weeks have gone by, he’s gradually reduced it until two weeks ago when he dropped it again, this time £60,000 less than his original price which is quite a low figure for this area. I’ve looked at many properties but Dad hasn’t liked any of them. A few days ago, I found a house in an area we love and for the right price. The house is a bit of a mess and needs quite a bit of love and care but as it will be our home for a long time, Dad says as long as we want it to be, then I thought it was worth it and we could gradually go through and do it up at our own pace. Tonight, Dad and I took the kids to see the house. They all really liked it and have all picked out their bedrooms. Dad seemed really happy to see the kids so excited about having a home that will feel like ours rather than feeling like a rental and now the kids have seen it and we’ve all chosen our rooms, it feels very real. We all can’t wait to move in, hopefully within just a couple of months as Dad put in an offer, it’s been accepted and there’s no chain.

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