Silver Platter

I spoke to Dad today to ask him how things were coming on with the house move and if he had a completion date yet. He said, “No, I’ve changed my mind. I’ve pulled out of the sale. I’m not going to bother buying an investment property anymore, I don’t want to spend the money.

Just like that. No warning. No thought to how this affects the kids and I. He was just so blase about the whole thing but why wouldn’t he be? This isn’t his life, this doesn’t affect him. He’s not a five year old that’s picked out her bedroom and been planning how she wants it to be decorated, nor is he a teen who desperately wants to live closer to her friends. He’s nothing but a man who made an offer that to him was meaningless but to us was a new beginning and a chance to start making some more really positive changes. That’s not even the worst bit in all this.

Seven years ago my Dad bought a house which he has been renting out to my sister, Millie but Millie has decided that she wants to move and so Dad has decided to help her move to a bigger and better house and her house is now available and Dad says that we can rent it from him if we want.

My nephew, Millie’s son, popped over this evening and he mentioned the house move and dropped into conversation that Millie had said to Dad weeks ago that she wanted to move so Dad had told her that he’d buy another house for her to rent if she wanted. He gave her a budget of 100K more than he’d told me when the same offer was on the table for me, before he changed his mind and said he didn’t want to invest in a property after all. As it happens, Millie had already found a house, an offer had been put in and accepted and because there’s no chain on either side, it’s all going to go through really quickly.

I am so angry and so hurt. All of my life, Millie has always been treated so differently to me and to my younger sisters. Everything she wants and needs, Dad is there to help her but rarely does the same for the rest of us and normally I don’t want any help but as Dad offered, I thought I’d take the opportunity. But to offer me and my family a home, let us view it, pull out of the sale and not even bother telling us until I ask him and then only a few days later go and buy a much more expensive house to rent out to the same person who he’s spent forever handing everything to on a silver platter leaves such a bitter taste in my mouth. So now we have the choice to stay in a house that we can no longer really afford or move into my sister’s hand-me-down house that she hasn’t even looked after while Dad buys her a new one to rent. I don’t want to and the kids don’t want to either but like too many times in my life, I don’t feel as though we have a choice because I just can’t afford the one we live in any more.

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