Dipping My Toes In The Water

I went on a date with Theo last night. I arrived at the place we’d arranged to me and spotted him in the crowd. He looked good and as soon as he saw me he gave me a quick kiss then took my hand and we walked down to his car. He told me I looked beautiful and kissed me properly again and again. After dropping his car off at his place we walked down to the town and in to one of the pubs where we ordered drinks and found a seat. We spent the next 90 minutes talking but mainly kissing. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Eventually we left and headed towards the restaurant he had booked. We sat opposite each other with him holding my hand across the table and looking into my eyes the whole time. It was quite surreal. He spoke of how he hadn’t wanted to be with anyone with children but all that disappeared as soon as we got talking over the last couple of weeks and talked of how much he liked me and how he’d even told his work colleagues about me. I told him to slow down, that this was date one and neither of us knew where it was going or if we’d even want it to, however, the flirting, hand holding, looking into my eyes and the wine were all going down very nicely.

Once we’d finished our meal one of us mentioned the time of the last train back home but that somehow didn’t happen. Before we knew it we were walking through the streets, hand in hand, kissing constantly and making our way back to his flat. Once inside we tore each other’s clothes off and had, sadly, pretty disappointing sex. Afterwards he fell asleep and I looked round at how perfect his flat was. It was immaculate and I got the sense that he was quite controlled and staid and probably not really my type of man. I fell asleep but slept fitfully. In the morning we woke and he was really distant and off. I couldn’t really wait to get out of there and home. It was awkward and uncomfortable for both of us.

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