My auntie, who had special needs, spent a lot of her time knitting squares. The squares would then be sewn together to make blankets. Many of her squares had little mistakes, a small hole here or there, a big hole sometimes. When that happened my Nan would unravel the squares and help her to put it right. Nan would do this time and time again, for years and year and years. She never refused to do it and I never saw her lose patience with my auntie for her little errors. Looking back I’m sure it was frustrating to have to keep unravelling the work but still she did it, maybe never giving up hope that my aunt would one day learn from her mistakes.

Today while I cleaned and tidied, a song came on the radio that reminded me of someone from my past. That thought then spiralled and spiralled until I too found myself unravelling all of the blanket squares of my life. At first, I thought I’d been left with nothing but old threads, impossible to ever work with again but I see that what I really have is a chance to knit it all back together into something usable. The thread is still intact and whole, it just needed to unravel so it can be put back together properly. My Nan has taught me that with time and a lot of patience I can do it. As long as I’m prepared to keep unravelling and re-making and never give up hope.

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