Intimate Love

Intimate Love

I went to Phil’s last night, I couldn’t wait to see him. I got straight in his bed, I needed to be as close to him as I possibly could. It wasn’t about the sex per se, it was about skin to skin intimacy, about enveloping him. It was undeniably the best sex I’ve ever had with him. After, when I had to leave, I knew I couldn’t go home without him. I had to share my night and my bed with him. If he’d stayed home, I’d have felt empty.

He came over, we ate Chinese food in bed, we watched a DVD and he fell asleep. When I kissed him goodnight, he woke and we were all over each other again, this time with hesitancy from me as the kids were all home, but still, it was so good. We slept together and woke early this morning to explore each other some more, afterwards talking and sharing more of our lives with each other. It was perfect and I loved every single second of it, apart from when he went home.

Phil has a place in my life, our lives, and he has a place in our home. I can see him living here with us, that we would have an amazing life together, where we would share our love every day, with each other and with the kids. I want him here now, to move in with us now. I don’t want to spend any more of my life without Phil in it. He enhances everything in my world and makes everything so much better. This is love. If ever I wondered what love is, this is it.

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