Decision Maker

Last week, Phil said he’d booked for us to go away this weekend to meet his Dad’s side of the family. He told me he’d booked a dog-friendly hotel so we could take Jasper who is only five months old. I told him I was going to ask my sister, Sasha to have Jasper and he said, “Either or. It’s a dog-friendly hotel.” I said I wasn’t sure it would be that friendly with Jasper possibly toileting in the room and he replied with his romantic notion of us all walking together along the beach. So basically he ignored my concerns. Tonight he text me and said, “My nieces and nephews are really looking forward to playing with Jasper, no pressure.” I replied that there was now. He replied with “Haha! Everyone wants to meet him.”

So basically, despite me saying I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to take Jasper with us, he’s told his entire family that we will be, including his nieces and nephews so now I have no choice about whether he comes or not because if I don’t take him the kids will be really disappointed. So now what I thought might be a lovely night away and a relaxed day meeting Phil’s family has now become having to share a room with Jasper, which I don’t even do at home, and then on Sunday I’ll have to constantly check that he’s not pissing and shitting in Phil’s Dad’s house and trying to hump their dog. We haven’t discussed this properly at all, yet he’s gone and told his whole family that Jasper’s coming with us. The thing I am most annoyed about is Phil making decisions for me. Just like Tom would have done.

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