I woke up still feeling really angry about having to take Jasper away with us then spoke to Karen and Sasha who both said I shouldn’t if I didn’t want to, regardless of whether people were expecting him or not and that it wasn’t fair for me to have to do something I didn’t want to do because Phil had gone ahead and told everyone. So I took Jasper to Sasha’s and spent the rest of the day, before Phil arrived, nervous and anticipating him being angry with me, of us having an argument, him not speaking to me and the whole weekend being ruined. Instead, Phil picked me up, I told him Jasper was at Sasha’s and he just said okay. I told him why – that he would be too much of a handful and that I didn’t like that Phil made the decision for me and he understood completely. He didn’t do any of things I thought he might, he was just kind and understanding. Somewhere along the line over the last few days, I forgot who and what Phil is and I replaced him with Tom again.

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