Men 2013

There’s no way that what I’m about to write can even begin to convey how angry I am right now. Alice and Katie’s Dad, Greg, recently told me that he is going to America in October for a friend’s wedding. He has just moved house from a £180,000 house to a £240,000 house. He used to pay me £50 per week for both girls, not each. After I went to the CSA four years ago it increased to £63.47. I had to go through the CSA because he refused to give me more even though I was really struggling with the cost of everything. The CSA has just done a recalculation on his wages and found him to apparently be earning less (I doubt that very much) and said that he now has to pay £60 per week but that he most likely wouldn’t change it as it’s such a small amount. He changed it! What an arsehole. He’s actually prepared to pay £3 per week less for his children’s upkeep. Three fucking pounds. £1.50 per child per week. Words cannot begin to describe how angry I am with him. I’ve told him never to come to my door again, that he is never welcome at my home. I never want to set eyes on that prick ever again. He is a disgusting excuse for a father.

And so with my Dad yesterday, Greg today and Tom being a pain most days, I’m starting to wonder why I bother with men at all which leads me back to wondering why I’m bothering with Phil. I’ve lost all trust in men, they do all seem to be arses, certainly the ones I have in my life. Maybe staying single isn’t such a bad thing?

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