I’m right back to where I was a few months ago. I don’t think I can carry this on for much longer with Phil. There are so many things about him that bug the hell out of me. He’s so bloody childish all of the time. It’s embarrassing and I hate it. He drives like an idiot, it makes me stressed. He actually sulks when things aren’t how he wants them to be. He uses the word ‘gay’ for anything he doesn’t like. He’s even bought himself a BMX. For fuck’s sake, it’s a child’s bike, not a bike for a morbidly obese man. He talks inappropriately much of the time, he makes childish jokes about everything, often in front of people. The other week we were walking Jasper, we stopped to talk to another dog walking couple and all Phil did during the conversation was talk about Jasper humping or getting sexually excited. It was embarrassing. I am sick of the little boy in a man’s body. I have to face it, his weight is down to his immature attitude, as is his health. The refusal to take his asthma inhalers properly because it’s ‘gay’. Thinking that several women fancy him, he’s deluded. Writing ‘Get twatted’ in Josh’s birthday card. He’s an idiot and so am I for not seeing this sooner.

Today we went out with Karen and her kids, Phil slapped my arse really hard because he thinks it’s funny. He spoke so inappropriately in front of Karen’s children and constantly kept saying to Jasper in the most annoying voice, “Who’s a good boy. You love me, don’t you, boy.” Is he really that insecure that he needs a dog’s love? Last night he even tried to say that Jasper is his dog as much as mine. Who the fuck does he think he is? What the fuck am I doing with this clown?

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