Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap 2013

I used to watch a program called Quantum Leap. The main character, Sam, would leap from year to year and person to person, spanning decades at times, to alter the past which in turn would alter the future in a positive way.

Phil and I spent the day together again today. We spent the entire day in bed talking, as we usually do. Today we talked a lot about our future and the part Tom will play in it. We both agree that he needs to remain as a part of the family and hopefully, it’s a role that he will willingly accept. We spoke about how he is the kids’ dad, their father figure where he isn’t their actual dad and how that is how it needs to remain. Despite anything that happened between Tom and I, on the whole (minus the odd blip), he has been a good Dad to the kids. Phil then said he wasn’t sure what his role would be in the family. We talked it through and I said that I felt his role was with me. That I needed Tom to become the father figure in our lives ten years ago because that was severely lacking but that now, what’s needed, is a husband. A good, solid, dependable man that treats me with love and respect, as no other man ever has. I said that his input in my life so far and what he will provide to me and the kids in the future is most probably re-writing the kids’ futures because without Phil, we would all be living lives of abandonment and abuse but with his love and support towards me, he’s changing my future and the future of all of the kids. He’ll be teaching Josh how to treat a woman like no other man has taught him before and he’ll be teaching the girls how a man should act towards a woman. Not abusively, not selfishly, not in any way the girls have ever experienced but with Phil’s way of absolute unconditional love and respect.

His role in the family is to change my children’s lives for the better just by being himself. Like the Quantum Leap, he’s changing the past to become a better future. I couldn’t ask for any more from him, for all he’s done for me in healing me from years of abuse, and all he’s done and will do, for my children’s future.

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