The Trouble With Letting Go

I’m having a big lesson in letting go today. For the last three years I have held on to bags and bags of stuff that we no longer use or want to supposedly put on eBay and get some money for but the trouble with that is I hate eBay, I hate the time it takes and all the hassle that comes with it so I decided I would just give it away but I’m really struggling with that. I’m struggling with letting go of the control more than anything. I’m concerned that someone may take the items and sell them on. I’m concerned they may go to someone who could afford to buy them themselves.

What I would like is for them to go to someone who really needs them but I have no way of knowing that and so every item I advertise is a struggle. I think I’m giving too much or I’m worried about the outcome and I think people will take advantage of my kindness and what I really really need to do is just let go and give with nothing but kindness and love regardless of what the new owner does with them.

I wonder if this resistance in letting go is reflecting back a bigger issue I have with letting go? With Tom. I’m hoping that by being able to give it away, it will free me in some way, maybe emotionally.

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