Letting In

It turns out that letting go, when you make up your mind to do it and then just get on with it, is easier than first anticipated. Today I got rid of a load of stuff. I had people knocking at the door throughout the day to pick stuff up and it actually feels pretty good! One lady took 2 bridesmaid dresses for kids that are under the care of social services. The children will get to wear them to the pantomime at Christmas. I couldn’t think of a better place for them to be. The same lady then stayed and we talked for a minute or two. I told her about a love of collecting photographs and reuniting them with their family members and she said she worked for a solicitor and they often got estates in with no-one to receive the deceased belongings and that photos very often end up in the bin. From now on, she’s going to contact me with any old photos and let me have them. As more things went out the door, more came in. I received a bag of clothes from Sasha when she turned up unexpectedly; 2 floor lamps and a load of photographs from Dad but best of all I received the lessons that I learned that when I let go, I’m creating a space to let something else in.

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