A Harsh Reminder

A Harsh Reminder 2013

This afternoon I received some very sad news. My uncle Kevin died today, he was 67 years old. It’s heartbreaking to read on Facebook his children expressing their grief. Dad came around earlier and although he’s not a man to express his emotions at all he did seem unsettled by the news, especially as he only lost his sister three weeks ago.

For me, I obviously feel sad that Kevin has died, he was a really lovely man, a loyal, loving family man. I feel desperately sad for his kids but I also can’t help thinking that out of my Nan’s ten children, there’s now only 4 left, one of which is my Dad.

It’s made me think that at some point I’ll be losing my Dad. Seeing what my cousins are going through is a harsh reminder that I will be going through this at some point. I can only hope, given that my Dad is the healthiest of all his remaining brothers, that he will live to a ripe old age, I really hope so. I don’t know how I will cope when it happens, I’m not sure I will and for all the times he’s annoyed me with his little personality quirks, maybe it’s time to just stop now and appreciate him for who he is, while I have the chance. Maybe it’s time to love him unconditionally just as he is right now.

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