The Right Choice

Phil rang up tonight to talk about giving me a birthday present. I asked him not to give me anything but he insisted. I really don’t want anything but it would seem he’s already gone out and bought something. We’re not even together. He then started talking as though we were together and how he wanted to spend time with me and I said that it wouldn’t be happening.  He then changed completely, as he often does when he’s hurt, to spiteful and hate-filled. He made a comment about me going out on Saturday night and how I’ll no doubt find someone while I’m out and how he wished I’d tell him for definite whether I’m going to go back with him or not because he has other options! I told him he should definitely explore those other options. Really?! Does he actually think I’m going to be jealous and that kind of bullshit talk is going to get me back? Finally, when he realised I wasn’t going to be running back into his arms anytime soon he started making noises and saying he was going to be sick! I told him if he was, I was going as I didn’t want to hear him puking. He stopped the noises and shouted down the phone, “No, you can listen to me being sick because you caused this. This is your fault!” It’s good to see how he reacts in hot water though, it makes me know for definite that I made the right decision.

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