Magical Inspiration

Katie has been mad about the Harry Potter films for ages so today I booked to take her, Alice and Annie to the Harry Potter Studio Tour for Katie’s birthday. The only problem is that Annie and I have never even seen Harry Potter so tonight we started watching the films. Of course, me being me I can’t just watch and enjoy, I have to start thinking, philosophising and questioning. I think my philosophical nature is my greatest blessing and my greatest curse at times.

I thought about how brilliant the films are, the ideas behind them and the pure genius of it all. I then thought about the author,  J.K. Rowling and went in search online for information on her journey. A woman who sat on a train suddenly from nowhere birthed an idea that ran and ran until over a few hours she’d constructed, in some form, the entire series of Harry Potter books. Over a struggle of seven years which saw her lose her mum to death, her husband to abuse and then divorce, and being a single parent living on benefits she still managed to overcome, write and is now one of the richest women in the UK. She has literally turned her life around completely purely in one moment, one infinitely small moment in time. That one thought that popped into her head changed her life but how?

How does this happen to one person and not to all? Or does it happen to all and we just don’t listen intently enough? Or is it not meant to happen to everyone? Of course, this then led me to think about my own life, most especially how I’ve been in complete limbo for the almost four years waiting for an epiphany about what the fuck to do with my life and sometimes even what to do with my day. I don’t want to be that person that just works in a supermarket and just gets by, I want something bigger, more meaningful. I want my soul to sing out loud not just hum along in the background and yet that’s all it is doing.  I want a deeper, more fulfilling life than the one I currently have and so today, I finally did something that I’ve been thinking of doing for the past couple of years and I’ve enrolled on a course to train to become a life coach. Ultimately, I want to train to become a counsellor or psychotherapist but for now, training to be a life coach is ideal and will fit in perfectly around my children’s needs.

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