I went to two parties last night. The first was for my friend, Debbie’s 30th birthday. I stayed there until 11pm and then went on to my other friend, Tracy’s housewarming party getting home at 2.30am. I woke at lunchtime today, popped around Debbie’s to help her tidy up after last night before coming home and settling myself on the sofa with the sun beaming in through the windows and  I thought about the evening I’d had and my life compared to all my friends and realised just how amazing my life really is. I love being single and at this moment in time, I can’t see any reason to change that.

At Debbie’s party, the conversation somehow turned to anal sex. Sam asked who had had anal before. We were not surprised when Sarah and Pippa said they had but we were shocked to discover that Sally and Tamara also had. Both women are shy and quiet and usually a bit uncomfortable talking about anything to do with sex. Tamara then said a part of marriage was to do things that make your husband happy and therefore that was why she did it even though she doesn’t like it! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  She then went on to say that her husband is a clean freak and she spends more time making sure the house is clean than she does spending quality time with her kids which upsets her.

Karen spoke about how she agreed about keeping your husband happy and that it’s better to see sex as a chore that you have to get through to have an easier life and it’s better to schedule it in and get it over with than it is to put up with your husband being moody and pestering! Sarah then took a call from her husband where he questioned her about where she was then had a go at her about how late she was out and refused to come and pick her up even though he’d earlier agreed and then Sam’s boyfriend got in a mood because she hadn’t replied to a text message within 10 minutes and rang her to see why. Earlier when I popped into Debbie’s to give her a hand tidying, her husband was sat watching TV while she tidied the house and garden, looked after the dog, entertained the kids and stopped them fighting and apparently he’d had a go at her last night for not responding to him when he called her name. Also last night Tracy told me stuff about her boyfriend, Simon and what an absolute pig he is to her, to the point that she’s about to have a boob job to try and get him to love her and stop threatening to leave her.

These are all amazing women with so much going for them and yet they all, to a lesser or greater degree, sell themselves short and put their man’s needs before their own all of the time. Whatever happened to equality?

I looked at my life. I wake up when I want and relax on the sofa, if I want. I’m able to go to not one, but two parties without anyone having an objection. I eat what I want and do absolutely whatever I choose to do with my life and my time and there’s nobody arguing about what I should and shouldn’t be doing and I feel as though I am the luckiest out of all of us. They may have fancy homes, flash cars, holidays and lots of clothes and gadgets but they don’t have the magical ingredient that I have and which I think is worth so much more than all of that put together. They don’t have freedom. The freedom to be who they want to be, go where they want to go, drink what they want, act as they wish, sleep, eat, breath however they damn well choose and so as I sat gazing out at the blue skies and hearing the peace around me, I felt more love than I’ve ever felt. That love was for me and that is all I need in my life right now and I can honestly say, I am blissfully happy.

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