Saving The World

I’ve had a lot of problems with Katie’s school this week. I have thrown myself into trying to resolve the matter, determined, singlehandedly to see a teacher brought to answer for bullying not only Katie but other pupils too. I have done nothing this week except concentrate on the justice I feel every child deserves. 
This week I also stepped in to help with Sasha and my niece, Beth. Before Sasha it was Alice’s boyfriend, before him, my friend, Pippa. Prior to her it was Phil and for the last 3 years, Karen. I’ve even tried and failed for ten and a half years to help Tom, I can’t.  I know, from my own experiences that it has to come from within.
I am a rescuer.
I don’t know why I do this but I do know that when I stop, relax and just allow myself to experience life, my life is easier and better. Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I actually enjoyed because I stopped to take the time to just be with the kids, to live in the now and stop worrying about saving the whole bloody world. I have enough in my life raising four children, I don’t need to take on anything else and the fact staring me in the eyes equally as much as the realisation that I am a rescuer, is that when I stop and just have fun and relax, the kids relax, the kids are happier and ultimately that is all I want. 

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