Stepping Stones

Phil emailed me last night to tell me that he’d had a meeting with his bosses to discuss the job he’s been in for the last six months, that he feels that he’s done all he can, that it’s not working out because of a clash of personalities between him and another person and that he feels it’s time he moved on. He has now been offered another job with people that like and respect him, as he does them, and it comes with prospects of being able to move on to the job he really wants to do. I realised, reading his words, that it’s all like stepping stones. That he went from the role he was in when we first met, to the role he took on six months ago which has been nothing but hell for him on every level but that has now led him on to a new role which he feels he will love and thrive in which, in turn, could and probably will, lead him to where he eventually really wants to be. Stepping stones.
This morning it made me think about my life in terms of stepping stones. Every step of my life has led me onto the next step. Some steps have been really challenging, some have bought me great joy but each step has led me on and on to where I am now, and so, therefore, I can see that the phase of my life I’m in now is also, just a stepping stone to where I want to be.
I started to wonder if Phil was merely a stepping stone. I’ll admit I’ve been questioning over the last few days if I should have a relationship with Phil and stop waiting for someone like him to come along but the stepping stone theory has made me realise that no, I shouldn’t settle for Phil. While he is a really lovely, kind, gentle man, with many many qualities that I love and admire, he’s not right for me. He is just a stepping stone. A very nice stepping stone and one I really needed.

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