On Yer Bike

Yet again, for probably the fourth time this year, I’ve decided to join a dating site. I don’t know if it’ll last because while I yearn for love in my life again, when I start opening myself up to it, I start to feel panicked and then stop it all again but I’m going to keep on trying whenever the urge takes me and see if each time I can get a little further. If not, I haven’t really lost anything. Ideally, I’d meet someone organically but as I don’t really go anywhere to do that, I’m having to settle for a dating site.

This time I’ve decided to try mysinglefriend.com and Karen said she’d be the friend who writes about me. She wrote, “Annie is one of the most beautiful people I know. I’m aware of how cheesy that sounds but it’s true. It’s clear to see she has every physical attribute a man could wish for – that much will be obvious from her picture, but what you can’t see on here is her personality, her ‘aura’. She is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She’s deep, she’s spiritual. She cares about others. She’s highly intelligent, she’s cheeky, funny, naughty, strong, free-spirited, and sometimes, if it suits her, maybe just a little bit crazy, in a good way. She’s an extremely interesting person to spend time with and she likes nothing more than a rainy day or an Autumn day, scuffing along in the leaves.”

I had a look through all the men available on the site. Practically all of them are the same. It seems every single man, more or less, is mad into sport; running, skiing, boxing, football or rugby but mostly cycling. Everyone is into cycling. They all seem to boast endlessly about how many places they’ve visited around the world and how they all want someone fit and energetic to take on their travels with them. I don’t think there was one man on there who said anything remotely interesting about himself. Are there really not any men on dating sites that can think beyond fitness, holidays and nice cars or clothes, the other things that got mentioned a lot?

All I want to find is a man who will become my best friend and my companion and lover for life. Ideally, he’ll have a child or two himself so that he understands how my life is a little. Even more ideally, he’ll share similar beliefs to me or at least be open to personal growth and open communication. At the moment, Phil isn’t looking like such a bad idea, after all. At least he’s interesting and has more depth than all of these bores put together. I doubt very much I’ll be staying on the site long based on what I’ve seen so far.

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